Skills Alliance for comfort & healthy footwear manufacturing
New qualification profile and innovative training opportunities
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Project Number 562333-EPP-1-2015-1-PT-EPPKA2-SSA
Start date: 01-11-2015 _ End date: 31-10-2018


Product differentiation, quality, personalization, flexibility and fashion design.


Potentiate existing know-how in favor of more comfortable and healthy footwear.


Contribute to the technological excellence in footwear manufacturing in Europe.

Materials & Components

Reinforcement of the level of innovation on footwear materials and components.


Totally innovative training contents in a combined and format between ICT based training and work based workshops.


New way of thinking “comfort & healthy footwear” assigning the strength of the European design to the new consumer demands in relation to comfort.

More details about Project


The project overall objective is to create, develop and certify a new occupation and qualification profile on "Expert in Comfort & Healthy footwear manufacturing" and the correspondent flexible innovative training combining ICT and work base learning, which will respond to the identified skills/competences gap, improving the knowledge in this field, allowing SME and large enterprises to embrace the opportunity of growth offered by this segment of differentiation and strengthen the already market positioned companies of the segment. The training contents to be developed will allow to cope with the skills' gap as well as to provide opportunities to upskill already existing employees with the final goal of enhancing the added value of European footwear.

More details about Objectives


  • Portugal

    Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal

    Rua de Fundões – Devesa Velha
    S. João da Madeira 3700-121 Portugal

  • Belgium

    CEC – Confédération Européenne de la Chaussure

    Rue de la Science, 14ª 1040 Brussels

  • Portugal

    CFPIC - Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria de Calçado

    Rua Visconde, 990 3700-265
    S. João da Madeira

  • Portugal

    ANQEP - Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional IP

    AVENIDA 24 DE JULHO 138 1399-026 Lisboa

  • Spain

    INESCOP - Instituto Tecnológico del Calzado

    Polígono Industrial Campo Alto.
    C/Alemania, 102 03600 Elda

  • Spain

    Ministerio de Educacion, Cultura y Deporte

    C/ Los Madrazo 15-17 28014 Madrid

  • Romania

    TUIASI - Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe Asachi din Iasi

    B-dul Prof.D. Mangeron, 67 70050 Iasi

  • Romania

    INCDTP - Institutul National de Cercetare - Dezvoltare pentru textile si pielarie – Dep. ICPI Institutul de Cercetare Pielarie Incaltaminte

    16, Lucretiu Patrascanu 93,
    Ion Minulescu , sector 3, 031215, Bucuresti

  • Romania

    CNDIPT - Centrul National de Dezvoltare a Invatamantului Profesional si Tehnic

    STR. SPIRU HARET 10-12 District 1
    010176 BUCURESTI

  • Germany

    ISC-Germany - International Shoe Competence Center Pirmasens gGmbH

    Marie-Curie-Straße 20 66953 Pirmasens

  • Germany

    ZBB - Zentralstelle für Berufsbildung im Handel e.V.

    Mehringdamm 48 10961 Berlin

  • Germany

    BBS Pirmasens - Berufsbildende Schule Pirmasens

    Adlerstaße 31 66955 Pirmasens

  • Spain

    IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, S.L.

    Larra 14 28004, Madrid


The results are the following:

Evidence based research on training needs/opportunities on comfort & healthy footwear: will consist in a diagnosis of training needs to fit the occupational/qualification opportunity in this field of action and to understand how the existing lack of related skills and competences can be overcome. The report will reflect multiple views, from the world of work, the entities involved in Education & Training and the possible target-groups and will provide recommendations to the methodology of training and of piloting. English Version    Executive Summary

New qualification profile “Expert in Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing”: The profile will follow a classical structure including all necessary requirements for its certification at national level in each country. It’ll describe activities, tasks, knowledge, skills and competences, qualifications, responsibilities, level of autonomy, level of decision, representativeness, of the expert on Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing, who should be capable of implementing in a work team, a strategy of differentiation based on comfort and healthy footwear in a footwear company. English Version

Training programme on Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing: will include a training programme including assessment and certification strategy aiming at meeting the development of all necessary skills and competences of the new occupation and qualification profile of Expert on Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing, bridged to learning outcomes with ECVET and with the Quality principles stated in EQAVET. The programme will contain learning units divided into learning sessions, with pedagogic objectives, training strategies and methodologies/approaches, time loads, entrance-skills to each training unit and alternative training itineraries to achieve the same learning outcomes. English Version    Executive Summary

Learning Units’ Contents – pedagogical material: This output will consist in the contents for the learning units on Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing within the necessary standard to be introduced in the e-learning platform. The output will also include materials for the work based training, assessment and certification tools.

b-learning course on Comfort & Healthy Footwear: it aims at developing skills and competences on the field of action and is targeted to the new occupational profile described above. In addition, some units of the course can be addressed to key-people in companies that lack the correspondent skills and competences, needed to improve the work of the new expert indoor. A demo and an user guide will be available.

Manual for trainers / tutors: This output will consist in a package of methodologies and guidelines to support the trainers and tutors/coaches who will be involved in the piloting activities. The aim is to prepare the trainer team to monitor and follow-up the b-learning course, both e-learning and practical/work based components.

Feed-back report on Piloting: will be a report on piloting activities, with all information gathered during the piloting phase in e-learning component and work based training.

Prototypes of comfort & healthy footwear: they are the materialized results of the piloting implementation of B-learning course on Comfort & Healthy Footwear Manufacturing, produced during the work based training.

Dissemination & Exploitation Plan: will gather detailed information regarding the actions, activities and tasks and responsibilities, timelines, for the project, results, products, impacts, procedures and strategies for awareness-raising and communication and dissemination and exploitation. English Version

Quality Assurance Plan: This document will contain in detail, the actions, activities and tasks and responsibilities, including the board of key-indicators and criteria to evaluate the quality of the project outcomes and activities. English Version

Evaluation Plan: This document will contain in detail, the actions, activities and tasks and responsibilities of the evaluation plan. English Version

Profile and training recognized and certified : consolidated document containing the profile and training curricula certified by the regulatory bodies in each country, included all the work of the recognition and certification envisaging the final certification at national level.

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